Tennis Recycles was born out of a simple idea. Most tennis players use a new can of balls only a few times before they are discarded, amounting to over 125 million tennis balls purchased in the US alone each year. Seeing how this would add up, we recognized an opportunity for a better solution. While tennis balls cannot be recycled at traditional recycling facilities, specialized solutions exist, and  the resulting material can be turned into surfaces for gyms, playgrounds, tracks and even tennis courts themselves. 

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Currently, we are connecting tennis clubs, public tennis courts and tennis leagues and teams with sustainable solutions. We offer support and guidance through the process of getting a ball recycling system in place  - by educating management about potential options, connecting with recycling partners, obtaining approval from local governments and managing ongoing logistics. We hope to make it easy for anyone, anywhere, to get involved.

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Do you manage or run a tennis club? We can guide you along the process to implement a tennis ball recycling program.

Are you an individual who would like to lead a recycling program at your local courts? We’ll show you how to get a program up and running and how to maintain it.

Are you a city or municipality with public courts? We can talk about the steps to set up a low-cost, volunteer-based program.

Contact us at info@tennisrecycles.org.